Quality frequency inverters for your business

frequency inverters

A frequency inverters is a device that is used to convert an electric current with a certain frequency into an electric current with another frequency. We use the frequency inverters in practice, for example, when we need to regulate the speed of an asynchronous motor, as well as in many other situations.

Frequency inverters have a stable place in many industries, where they are used. For example, together with pumps or electric gearboxes, centrifugal machines, milling machines, diving machines, cutting mechanisms, air conditioning, as well as in the textile, food or chemical industries, in cable production. In the woodworking and printing industry, in heavy and light engineering, construction, energy, aerospace and many other industrial sectors.

We have frequency inverters in stock

Our aim is to supply the market with products that meet the attributes of high quality, compatibility and reliable operation and move at affordable prices. Our company focuses mainly on the area of ​​retail, ie the sale of electric motors, where we have built mutual relations with many partner organizations on the side of suppliers and customers during several years of operation.


We are looking forward to being able to become part of the business journey of many skilled people through our products. We know that speed is currently often one of the important factors in business and therefore our goods are always in stock and we send it to you immediately after ordering.

Current offer

In our current product portfolio you will find four basic series of frequency inverters – STANDARD A550 frequency inverters, VECTOR V800 frequency inverters, VECTOR V810 frequency inverters, frequency c inverters for X550 IP65 pumps. Each of these series has its own specifics and characteristics, making it an ideal solution for operations in several industries.

VECTOR V810 frequency inverter

We have many years of professional experience and know-how in the field of frequency inverters sales and, if necessary, we will be happy to advise you on the optimal equipment for your business. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the contacts listed on our website.

Thank you for your trust and we look forward to working with you!

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Quality frequency inverters for your business
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Quality frequency inverters for your business
Frequency inverters have a stable place in many industries, where they are used.
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